Art teacher inspires students, staff to “Give Thanks”


Alainah Schroeder, Editor

It’s the time of year when everyone shares what they are thankful for and Omaha South art teacher Julia Mason has created a “Give Thanks” board for students and teachers to display what they are grateful for.

“I wanted to put together a gratitude themed bulletin board because I believe that, when we find things to be grateful for, it helps us feel more positive and hopeful,” Mason said. 

Thinking about the things we are blessed to have helps us appreciate the things we take for granted every day.” 

Mason hopes that people will think more about the meaning of Thanksgiving. She believes, with the pandemic going on, it is hard to stay positive and remember what you are grateful for. 

Several students worked with Mason on creating the board, which is located on the fifth floor. 

“I put the board together with construction paper and had a few of my students help with the glue and glitter. I then sent out a staff email asking anyone to participate,” Mason said. 

Many of Mason’s students and many teachers have already put paper leaves, containing what they are grateful for, on the board.

“Each leaf is unique. Some students have written very thoughtful and inspiring messages. Some have made very beautiful designs on their leaves,” Mason said. 

Mason doesn’t have any other plans for future inspirational boards at the moment. The “Give Thanks” board will be left up the remainder of the 2020-21 school year.