Student lash technician sets sights on business, future


Omaha South senior Crystal Sanchez-Gil works as a Lash Technician and began her own business, BalmyLashes, earlier this year with the goal of attaining her esthetician license.

Melina Herrera, Editor-in-Chief

Omaha South senior Crystal Sanchez-Gil works as a Lash Technician and began her own business, BalmyLashes, earlier this year with the goal of attaining her esthetician license.  

Crystal Sanchez has engaged with her community throughout her high school career.  

“I am my family’s only daughter and second oldest child at 17 years old. I am part

of Packers Making a Change and Latino Leaders,” Sanchez


While she began developing BalmyLashes last year, Sanchez has improved her communication skills and has become more skillful at her job in the time since

“I started a little over a year ago just practicing on my close friends and family. I didn’t start taking clients until the beginning of 2020,” Sanchez said. “I started doing lashes in my bedroom and then soon created my lash room.” 

Her inspiration came from her family. Her brother and one of her cousins are both barbers. She has another cousin who is a nail technician, and her aunt is a hair designer. Her family continues to show support and give her tips.  

Much of her growth has come from communication and feedback with clients and, with help of her family, she has picked up many skills.  

“I’ve always been good at comforting people and helping others out when they’re in need of it,” Sanchez said“Even though I know there is still a lot I need to learn to become better, I have become more confident in my work and started showing off a little of what I can do.” 

Running her own business comes with a few challenges but also comes with benefits 

“I love being my own boss with my own schedule, especially since I am a full time student,” Sanchez said

“I’m an over worker sometimes and I catch myself having to cross out dates on my schedule to use as time to catch up on schoolwork or to study for an upcoming quiz.” 

Sanchez took advantage of her time in quarantine to practice and improve her skills. When the time was right, she started taking clients and implemented policies to keep herself and her clients safe. She takes 30 minutes between appointments to sanitize, limits number of clients/appointments per day and always requires that masks be worn.  

“I offer lash extensions and lash lifts. I offer different styles of classic lash sets, hybrid lash sets, and volume lash sets. I do glitter lashes, colored lashes, and bottom lashes,” Sanchez said 

She has a clear plan and path set for herself after high school. She plans to ger her esthetician degree and certification at the College of Hair and Design. Then she will begin working toward, and obtaining, a busines degree at Metro Community College. Excited to meet new creators, Sanchez looks forward to the college experience.   

To any aspiring entrepreneurs and young adults Sanchez suggests paying close attention to the work they do and to have an open mind to growth 

“Be analytical and look closely at your work. Big ideas are wonderful but, if you can’t carrthem out, you have nothing,” Sanchez said. Promote yourself. If it’s not important to you, it won’t be important to anyone else.”