Xbox Game Pass vs. PlayStation Now

A look at both options for platform fans

Alexander Ramirez, Staff Writer

There are many companies trying to develop a game streaming platform that comes in the form of a subscription. Two of the biggest platforms in the gaming industry are Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation.  

Microsoft Xbox has an Xbox All Access that includes a brand-new Xbox Series S or Series X, EA access, Xbox live, and Game Pass Ultimate that allows gamers to play over 100 games. Players can also stream games, to compatible mobile phones or tablets, from the cloud. 

All Access also includes exclusive member discounts, free perks for a monthly cost of $24.99 for 24 months. If players are looking for lower cost access, they can subscribe to Xbox game pass ultimate for only $14.99 a month. The lower price subscription includes everything listed above, except for the Xbox Series S or Series X 

Sony PlayStation has a similar digital subscription service to Xbox’s Game Pass Ultimate: PlayStation now.  

PlayStation Now features over 800 games from PS2, PS3, PS4 or PC that subscribers can play. Like Xbox’s pass, PlayStation Now gamers can stream games on mobile phones or tablets from the cloud 

PlayStation Now features a lower price point of $9.99 a month or 12 months for 59.99. Neither option is bundled with the soon-to-be-released PlayStation 5 at this time.  

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and PlayStation Now are similar in many ways. As both companies are in presales of their new consoles and players examine system specs and downloadable content, many are looking to which company offers a better subscription service for gaming. 

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