What to know about the new admin

Jaylin Lopez, editor in chief

The new admin is Justina Tibbs. Her hometown is Omaha, Nebraska.
She attended Langston University and University of Nebraska at Omaha.
She started her education career in 2007 and was started off as a para for about a year and a half.
“I kept hearing how hard the teacher certification test is, and it scared me”, Tibbs said.
To become a certified teacher, candidates must pass coursework and other tests, like the Praxis and the Praxis II. There are many stories of teachers not passing these tests on the first try and needing to take the test at least twice before passing.
One is the teacher certification test and then there is the educational leadership test.
“Then I had to realize that I don’t test like them and that I was me! You make things up in your mind and before long you start to believe it, so I had to snap out of it fast!” Tibbs said.
Before she came to South, she spent 4 months at Norris Middle School as an Instructional Facilitator. Before that she taught science at Lothrop Elementary for 5 years, then 8th grade science at King Science Technology Magnet Center for 5 years.
Education is “in her blood” because Tibbs played school as a child.
“Growing up I played two things which was school and doctor. I wanted and still want to be one (maybe a physician’s assistant at this point in my life), but my mother didn’t know much about financial aid during that time, so she thought she had to pay for everything. Since she thought she had to pay she opted for a cheaper college that she could afford. My family is made up of educators, all the way from my grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins”, Tibbs said.
After she got certified for being an administrator she had to decide where she wanted to work at as an administrator, she had come to south and shadowed Mr. Cano, the principal, last February, and she instantly wanted to be here.
She likes to be an admin because “The opportunity to still be able to work with kids, help them out of some sticky situations and continue to fill them with positivity”, Tibbs said.
She works with students with last names that start with B, D, O, T.
Some of the challenges she faces being a new admin is obviously being new to the building, and not knowing everything that goes on around in the school. “Also just knowing that kids do make mistakes, but they have to be held accountable’’, Tibbs said.
Some positives include being able to get to know students on a deeper level.
“I have to be a part of some sensitive things and being there to comfort and support them makes it worth it”, Tibbs said.