Young nebraskans take political action


Alejandro Rodriguez, Staff Writer

Young Nebraskans in Action, also known as YNA, has partnered with the non-profit organization, The Heartlands Workers center.

YNA took part in a political convention hosted by The Heartlands Worker Center to promote and inform people about the census, how they are going to get people to vote in the upcoming elections and immigration laws. 

Another main reason for the convention was that the HWC was celebrating their 10-year anniversary and used this opportunity to display what they have accomplished over the past decade. 

The Heartlands Worker Centers in Sarpy county, South Omaha, West Omaha, and North Omaha all gathered to inform people and to. reveal their plans for overcoming obstacles in the future. They also made a call to action to people who didn’t vote. 

The Heartlands Worker Center has several political goals they hope to achieve including higher voter turnout during political elections, helping people become better informed about politics and for individuals to start acting on the change they want to see.  

Another goal that they wanted to achieve is to have citizens become more involved in the community and teach them ways to help. 

YNA is part of the core team in South Omaha, so they work with the HWC to help reach their goals.  

“Since not many young people are involved in politics, they made it a priority to have us, the younger generation, there so we can also be involved and give our input,” Ericka Silva, a member of YNA, said.  

Aixa Flores is a senior who joined YNA this year and has already become an active participant in the program. She gave a presentation at the convention. 

“My speech talked about the three Calls to Action that YNA has for the upcoming year: Immigration, the census for 2020, and getting people out to vote. I used my personal experiences in my speech to back up why these three goals are so important for young people,” Flores said. 

YNA wanted to inform the people the people at the convention that there are many young people that care deeply about the ongoing situations in the communities.  

“One of our main focuses was to teach attendees how to be properly informed and how to remove the stigma about young people in politics,” Flores said.