What we can do for this overcrowded school

Luis Gallegos-Rios, Staff writer

Students at South are having a hard time getting to class on time for multiple reasons in the 2019-2020 school year.
Jose Guevara is a junior that says there could be easier ways to get to class faster and more efficiently.
“Don’t hang around the hallways,” Guevara said.
Guevera explained that hanging in the halls blocks other students during passing periods. He also said that students should stay on the left and right and this would be more efficient if people weren’t walking into each other because they weren’t looking where they were going.
Guevara acknowledged that overcrowding affects students who need to stay after school, as they try to get to their after-school location in the midst of students swarming out of the building.
“If you need to stay after school, find a different route and go for it,” Guevara said.
Students should also not forget that counselors are here to help them with any issues. Students can get minute passes, which allows a student one extra minute to get to class during passing period, and counselors can find other ways to help students get to class more efficiently.
Regarding the cafeteria, Guevara said South should make the garden a little bigger so that students could eat their lunch outside on a patio area that is still on school grounds.
Cesar Nolozco, a junior, went more in depth with the patio idea, saying there should be a maximum of 31 people outside per lunch period. Access to lunch outside could even be incentivized for students, requiring them to have a certain GPA or attendance record in order to eat outside.
“There should also be like three teachers and one security guard out there, in case a fight breaks out,” Nolozco said.
He also gave a suggestion for getting students from study hall, who would like to volunteer, or other classes to help keep the garden and other areas around the school clean.
A solution to when it is raining or snowing would be to put chairs and tables inside, like the set up for Senior Symposium in the gym commons, next to the gym entrance hall.
Nolozco said that the same expectations should be followed as they are in the cafeteria, with a few additional expectations. In addition to being a nice change of scenery, Nolozco suggested that some students would benefit from eating outside mentally, because of how strenuous their daily schedules are.
With the analytics the attendance office has been doing for the past few weeks, an estimated 2,800 students show up to school daily, not including late start students.
Principal Ruben Cano said that South’s capacity is 2,600 people. Cano went on to say that the overcrowding was the reason juniors are now offered a late start and an early release option.
Juniors were given this option near the end of their sophomore year and were granted this option if they met the academic and credit requirements.
While these options helps marginally reduce the number of students in the halls in the morning and afternoon, it does not help the stairwells or lunch periods being overcrowded throughout the rest of the day.