Intro to Ed. Teaching Future Teachers

Maria Ramirez Garcia

Ever think about coaching,” Sam Bojanski asked. What about being a school counselor, social worker, therapist, or parent? 

Bojanski is an adviser for Educators Rising adviser and teaches Introduction to Education class at South. 

“The majority of students enrolled in this class are those who are thinking about becoming a teacher, but that shouldn’t stop students from taking the course,Bojanski said.   

Bojanski explained that the lessons learned, and experience gained, will help students learn more about kids in general. 

The classes are only for juniors and seniors, but the Educators Rising club after school is for everybody,” Bojanski said. The club participates in many of the same activities as the class. 

The first class, Introduction to Education, is for juniors and seniors. According to Bojanski, students learn the basics of how to teach and how to be a teacher in this class. 

During the second year of the education course as seniors, students have the chance to choose a school to teach at during the afternoon. In order to do this, seniors must have taken the introductory class their junior year. 

The internship allows students to go to whatever school, grade level, or subject they choose and work with students in the afternoon,Bojanski said.  

Bojanski explained that the internship is a good way for students to know if they love the teaching profession or hate it. 

The purpose of the course is to recruit tomorrow’s teachers in Omaha, Bojanski said.  

The purpose of the program is to help change students’ view of education as a potential profession and to train future teachers that look like students.  

The education program at South is the largest school program in the state of Nebraska. It Began nine years ago with only four students,” Bojanski said. “The classes do not fit in a traditional classroom anymore.  

The classes are now taught in the team rooms because of how many students are enrolled in the program. 

Programs like Educators Rising are arguably important for the future of education as there has been a 32 percent decline in students seeking education degrees across America over the past decade, according to Education Week. 

Teaching is hard. Students should have an idea of what they’re getting into, Bojanski said