Study Habits

Javier Jimenez, Staff Writer

With the new school year finally here students are back in class ready to learn, but what makes a student here successful?
There are several different ways to help you become a successful student and you don’t have to meet all requirements. Just practicing four or five of them will set you up.
These steps include having a positive mindset, keeping yourself organized, exercising, having a supportive environment/ getting help when you need it, managing your time, and staying calm. These are all great skills to develop and practice daily, but how do these steps make people successful?
Having a positive mindset is the first step to being successful, if you come to school thinking, “I can do this,” you are going to have an easier time learning new things and finishing your work.
Students who don’t have a positive mindset tend to not care about school or homework and set themselves on a path for failure.
The second step to becoming a successful student is being organized. Some ways to stay organized is by making a folder for homework or keeping your notes from first period all the way to ninth period.
Unorganized students make it complicated find the what they need, they even might forget about their assignment.
Another thing you can do is exercising regularly doing this might seem like a waste of time, but it can be very beneficial to you. It can help relieve stress and help keep your body fit.
There are a couple ways you can do this, you can join a sport here at south, workout at the gym, or do a couple of push-ups and sit-ups at home.
Although this isn’t one of the more important steps you should still try to find time to get a quick workout done.
This next step is one that every student should have because with a supportive environment student are more eager to get their work done and ask for help when needed.
Students should find a person that they can easily talk about problem whether that a friend, parent, teacher or any other person they know well.
They can also be an encouragement on getting your work done by asking you weather you have any work to do and remanding you constantly or helping you finish it.