Passing Period

Nancy Marin, Reporter

Teachers, Principles, and Deans think that 4 minutes is enough to get to class. They also believe that you can also use the bathroom during passing period.

Each grade level was asked questions about what they thought about passing period, they all had different opinions of how they felt about passing periods.

Ximena Arvizu, a senior, we got to discuss the passing periods with her to find out how she felt about passing periods.

“It’s too crowded and not long enough…” Arvizu said.

Arvizu believes that the passing periods should be atleast 5 minutes since there is now 2,800 students that constantly show up for school.

Sophia Manzitto a junior, said that “With the number of students, there’s not enough time.” She then was asked if passing period should get more time. She replied with “Yes, they should add one more minute.”

Andrew Bailey a freshman, thought that passing period “was crowed but not that bad.” He was then asked if passing period should get more time. He replied with “yea, probably 5 or 6 min more”

Principle Cano was asked why can’t passing period be longer. Cano replied with “The state of Nebraska can’t allow that because then the school day will be longer.”