Omaha South High Students going down the side stairs during the passing period to 4th hour. Overcrowding has become a problem at the school.

Overcrowed stairs overwhelm students

September 13, 2019

Omaha South High School is brimming with students. Currently there are 2,940 students enrolled at the school.  

With so many students, stairs can get really packed and can cause a chaos. Many students have difficulty getting to their classes on time because the stairs are so crowded. 

Senior Isabel Lopez-Alvarado believes that the side stairs are the most packed. Lopez-Alvarado also notices that the side stairs take longer for most students to get to class. This may be a result of these stairs being narrower than the two main set of stairs and these side stairs do not have a specific directional flow of traffic. 

Most of Lopez-Alvarado’s classes are located near the stairs. She gets to class on time most days because she is able to use them before they become crowded. If she waits a few minutes, it takes her about three minutes longer to get to her destination. 

“It has gotten way worse! Yeah like, a lot worse,” Lopez-Alvarado said. 

Lopes-Alvarado confirms that over the three years that she had been here it has in fact become worse. She believes that the passing periods should be around 6 minutes long because of how many students attend South. 

Junior Belem Zapata Ramirez says that the main stairs are the most packed. These stairs are in the middle of the building, with one set directing traffic up and the other set of stairs directing traffic flow down. 

“Those are crowded most of the time, Zapata Ramirez said.I have trouble going up those stairs because some go down when it’s up.” 

Zapata Ramirez says that it only takes her two or three minutes to get to class. Even navigating around more than 2,800 students, Zapata Ramirez says that she is always on time to her classes.  

The stairs in the east central part of the school are often forgotten and rarely used. A few students know about their existence and use them. 

Zapata Ramirez does know about the stairs in the east central part of the school. She doesn’t use them because she doesn’t know how to navigate her way through them. 


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