School store sells spirit wear


Jesus Vazquez, Photography Editor

No business wants to operate without customers. Same goes for the South High School Packer Spirit Store.

“The school treasurer does a good job keeping the school stored updated and keeping prices at a reasonable price, but I’ve noticed a downfall on customers ever since the school store stopped selling candy,“ history teacher Ellen Augustine said.

The school store opened in the 1970s and has been opened since. The school store is only open before and after school. Principal Ruben Cono has set this policy because he doesn’t want kids taking time away from their classes to be in the store.

“I think the school store should be open either a little earlier before school or a little more after school so kids are available to go to the school store and check it out,” Augustine said.

All school store funds are used to purchase additional merchandise or put into an account used to fund sports and all other school activities.

Three or four new pieces of merchandise are added to the store every year, which has slowed down a lot of business because multiple new items aren’t being sold.