Is It a Drill? Is It Real?

Lockdown drills are mandatory, but can you decipher the difference between the real one and the drill?


Angelina Cordoba, Sports Editor

An eye blinks, a heart beats, a tear is shed, the blood is lost, that moment is all gone, and it’s all just a memory. Violence, shootings, nothing in, and nothing out is part of the procedure. It’s called on the announcement, it’s either a drill or the real deal. 

 The teachers turnout the lights, lock the doors and hide the students in their designated location away from the door and windows. We are hidden from the danger or practicing for the real event. It could be 10 minutes or even an hour till it is over. A phone is a dead give away to the location. 

Panic and Fear are drawn together because they make your blood race, your heart jump, and your adrenaline flow through your veins. Why is it that you feel like you just drank 10 energy drinks after a lockdown drill? 

 Since Sandy hook, one of the most memorable school shootings, there have been an increase in mass school shootings. This year alone we have had over 22 school shootings and are remembering the ones that have happened. 

“If in an event of an actual lockdown, the students are supposed to go to the nearest safe space to lockdown with that class.,” Principal Ruben Cano, said. 

 Sometimes, that’s not the case… What happens if you’re in the bathroom?  

“If I were in the bathroom I would lock the door and stand on the toilet.,” freshman Katrina Parker, said.   

While the bathroom is not a safe place, there will be a likely situation where this will happen. Administration officials can’t predict when the lockdown will really come upon us.  We would have to think what to do in that first second. 

The school has at least 2,900 students as the halls are crowded with them. The population of the school can cause a problem during a lockdown. Students maybe hidden while others are practically sitting on others. 

“One problem here at South is overcrowding, in an event that we have a lockdown all students should be hidden. Not all students are hidden and not feeling safe.” Junior Paola Gonzales-Lara, said. 

When someone is gone we can never get them back. Death is something that most never talk about because it’s not a light topic. We all should be prepared for whatever happens next in life.