What Would Happen in a Real Fire

Lety Delgado

As any other school does, we do our normal guided fire drills, we stay calm and get out as soon as possible, but is this how we would really react in an emergency?
Staff would agree that their main concern would be getting the students out quickly and safely.
“Literally the first thing i think about is my students in my classroom, getting them out, then after the students leave, then ill think maybe about my family,” Christine Kuhlman, a math teacher , said.
Most staff would go out of their way to help their students but that isn’t the case from the students perspective. Many would just think about their safety.
“I’m going to be real with you, I’m going to just grab my stuff and leave,” Isac Martinez, a senior, said.
Although many students would only think about themselves, others would try their best at helping everyone else.
“Honestly everyone’s first thought is to like pull the alarm right, so everyone can know, so I would do that, then run out call 911.” Araceli Gercia, A junior, said.
Although everyone would want to get out safe and as quick as possible. There is the lowest chance of that actually happening.
“ That’s tough, we have 3,000 kids in this school, so its tough to say that out of those 3,000 kids not one kid will get hurt and trampled on, because if there is a real fire people panic and run you know, but I venture to say no, at least one person would get hurt.” James Patterson, a special education teacher said.