Passing Periods


Cristy Caceres

"cafeteria its crowded"

Cristy Caceres, Reporter

Lately students. from freshmen to seniors, have been talking about how crowded the hallways are at South High School.

Many students say passing periods should be longer. Other students, like Rubi Perez, say people walk too slowly and add that the cafeteria is overcrowded 

“I think it’s way too crowded, kids need to stop standing in the hallway and get to class,” Perez said.

Perez, a junior, has been navigating the slow walkers and student body obstacles during passing periods for over two years. 

There are students who do not mind the crowds or find it too difficult to get to class on time like Shirel Martinez.

“Passing periods are not too long but not too short,” Martinez said. “I feel like the special kids should have more time to get out of class early, since they get run over.”

Principal Ruben Cano said on Sep 13, 2019 that he can’t extend the passing periods because that means that we would have to extend the school day to meet the state requirement for seat time.