Class in visual and performing arts attracts students

Amanda Jacinto, Feature Editor

There are so many things to explore and to try out at least once in life. Performing Art has a lot of class to explore such as mixed media, metalsmith, pottery, figure drawing, Dance etc. 

Carol Scott is a performing art teacher at South High. She teaches Figure drawing for beginning and upper level classes. 

“Figure drawing is an upper level class that’s about learning how to draw and use your skills and knowing how to capture the moment of the model and not only staring at a picture for hours” Scott said.  

Figure drawing are student making art by having a curtain time to draw the figure they are looking at as an example.  

“At the moment the students start to do their art is all up to them because what I like to see from them is that their voice comes out in a way and this is the kind of art where everyone has their skills but it isn’t a skill where everyone has the exact same thing or results” Scott said. 

Just as the class gives you a lot of chance to be creative, the teacher also has expectations for the students.  

“The reason I sit and draw along with them is because at the end I have them to take a picture of their drawing and then I show them what it is that I expect them to have,” Scott said.