Senior fuels passion, finds fulfillment with Ambassadors

Kimberly Rodriguez

Brooklynn Cisney loves singing and dancing. It is this love of performing that led her to join the Ambassadors for her senior year.  

Even though she has only been an Ambassador for two months, her passion has grown and Cisney enjoys every aspect of the group. 

During this ninth period class, students learn new songs and new dances. These songs and dances are put together for a performance in January.  

Singing and dancing can elicit many different emotions for those who are performing.

  “When I sing and dance, I feel excitement,” Cisney said.  

Being in a class like the Ambassadors requires students to work as a team. Having good communication and helping each other helps everyone improve as they work towards their goals. 

“What makes the Ambassadors come together as a team is the drive to succeed,” Cisney said. “Every teacher and staff member that helps us achieve more makes us reach for the same goal: success.”

There are many students that have opinions about every class, but students will often recommend that other classmates take certain courses over others.  

“I recommend this class to the students that are ready for a challenge and want to try something new. This class is also recommended to students who like to sing and dance and have fun,” Cisney said. 

Many students choose to take that class for different reasons, but most of them like to sing and dance. 

 “I joined that class because last year they performed a ballet called Beautiful Things and it made me cry because of how it touched me and inspired me,” Cisney said.  

Cisney was surprised that the ballet inspired her so much and she wants to make others feel the same way. 

”I want to make someone else cry I want to touch them and inspire them like they did to me,” Cisney said.  

When tryouts came out, I told myself that I was going to audition for it and I made it and it has taught me a lot in the pass, two or three months anything is possible don’t say you can’t do it always say you can’t do it yet.” Cisney said.