Students share ideas for change


Robert is at lunch doing homework. Usually when he doesn't have homework he is eating lunch.

Jaylin Lopez, News Editor

Teenagers often complain they want more freedoms in high school.

Freshman Robert Ibarra has spent the past four weeks learning how high school works. But it did not take him long to develop an opinion about certain things at school.   

“The school needs better food and we need longer passing periods,” Ibarra said. 

Our school is overpopulated and many students have a hard time getting to classes on time.  

Freshman Emily Conteras wants longer passing periods. 

 Senior Isaiah Zendejas wants a “cleaner school” and “more support in the arts and music department.” 

Senior Javier Cervantes would like “less people in the school due to overcrowding [and] more hangout spots to socialize.” He really wants to leave a mark on the school to represent who we are.  

Freshman Moises Hernandez thinks there should be “more options and more opportunities as a singer.” He, too, thinks there should be a longer passing period.  

Senior Anis Abdriahman  wants to see his class graduate and many others be able to graduate before he leaves. He would like to change the food policy at south and their food in general. He would like to leave behind the soccer state trophy as a reminder that as a team they can do amazing things together.  

Frehsman Teliyah Varoz said she would like to see “more interesting ways to learn” during her years left. She would like to see a change in “how many students crowd the halls and prevent others around them from getting to class on time.” She really wants to see more school spirit.  

I guess me being able to see my future after high school [is something I want to know]” senior Manuel Macias said.  “I want my mind to change into an adult and not wing it.”