Removal of Success

Destiny Orozco

Enrollment at South is the highest it has been in recent history. This has results in struggling to get through the halls, bigger classrooms, and the cutting of elective classes


The ACT prep and AP Psychology class was removed. These two classes were a big hit for past juniors.


“Because of our capacity issues, we needed to make sure all required classes are offered for all students… “Dr. Huerta said.


A current junior, Jocelyn Vazquez, thinks it was not a wise decision to cut out the Act prep class since a lot of students depended on it to get prepared for the act and their future depends on it.


” Now I have to study on my own and it’s just more pressure since I already have a very busy schedule.” Vazquez said.


Stephanie Degante, a senior that took the AP Psychology class her junior year really recommended that upcoming juniors take the regular class since AP is not available no more. She explained how it was a tough class but interesting so doing all the work was worth it.