South parking issues


Emily Herrera-Franco

Junior David Rojas drives to school and did not buy a parking pass. He finds it difficult on some days to find a good parking spot, which is mostly one or two blocks away from the school. 

According to Rojas he finds it more convenient to drive a car to school instead of waiting for the late bus if he must stay after school for athletics or after school tutoring. In the morning Rojas often picks up a friend before coming to school. He leaves his house around 7 a.m. and drives through the neighborhoods to avoid traffic. 

“I’m not going to purchase a parking pass next year because it’s a waste of money,” Rojas said. “There are students that don’t even have the parking pass and still take spots in the lot,”.  

So, he would rather park in the street and walk about the same amount. 

“If staff have to leave school and return at any point, or if they arrive late in the morning, it is almost impossible to find a parking space,” Stepp said. “This is one reason why I make sure to arrive early, so I can get the parking space I want.” 

According to school treasurer Karen Ratajski, approximately 25% of students drive to school and 112 parking passes were sold which are $20 for the whole year. Money collected from the parking passes go to parking funds, new parking passes and for various things for the students. 

Ratajski said that 1 out of every 30 students at South has a parking pass. That is only 3.3% of students.  

According to Ratajski students can park at the stadium if they want. “It’s probably safer to park in the parking lot than in the street,” she said.  

Around 350 cars can fit in the school parking lot. “The earlier you get here the better off you are,Ratajski said. 

 Anyone looking for a good parking spot needs get to school early.