The Importance of Spirit Week

Ashly Chavez, staff writer

Every grade level at South wants to see classmates wear their schools’ colors which are red and white. Some students don’t find spirit week important while others do, since it adds more fun into their days.

When students see their classmates and teachers dress up and participate in Homecoming Spirit Week, it sometimes sparks school spirit in them, too.
Each day of spirit week has a different theme and this year, the themes were pajamas, clash clan, prepy, red and white.

“I really like pajamas it was fun and comfortable to wear,” Hailin Zuniga a freshman said.

Zuniga smiling at the camera during lunch. While the other people fill in the room with their voices.

There are several ways to show your packer pride by wearing the schools’ colors or wearing a shirt with the school’s name. Attending to schools’ games is another way to show your pride by supporting the team members playing.
“I would like to see more people wearing red and white to show their school spirit,” Justin Hernandez a freshman said.

Engaging in these simple actions is great for the school because it encourages a common bond between fellow students, faculty, and staff. Years ago, you could only support your school by going to games and cheering on and now you can do it by doing spirit week. Which each day you wear something to show your pride.

“I would like to see everyone in their spirit,” Cesar Alfredo Jimenez a freshman said.
Having school spirit has many benefits for students. It can allow to socialize and make more friends, which can help us in future careers. It can also encourage teams to play better knowing that there are people cheering on for them.

Often students don’t participate during spirit week because some don’t have outfits that go with the them. When the theme preppy which was on Thursday some students didn’t have that kind of style.
“Sometimes people are lazy to dress up for spirit week,” Zuniga said.

Spirit week can also boost people’s mood and relieve some stress because students and staff are in a happy, carefree environment.
“Not a lot of people participate because they might feel like they are outsiders,” Hernandez said.

Students should be able to become more involved in the campus events that they want to see so that they want to participate in them.
“Maybe people don’t participate because the topics are not interesting,” Alfredo said.

Alfredo in the hallways looking at his notes he took in math. Focusing on what he wrote.

If the school and the students put in equal effort, then we can see a more lively and fun campus in the future. Seeing the school and the students celebrate before a game or dance is an amazing experience.
South High is among one of the schools that do spirit week before Homecoming and Prom.

“I do think South has a better spirit because seniors participate since is their last year,” Zuniga said.
The school mascot is a symbol of pride in the school and a certain spirit. School spirit is in many ways the heart of a school.

“I do think South has a better spirit because I don’t see another school doing what we do,” Hernandez said.
Pride helps foster a sense of belonging among students and staff who are part of the school. A strong sense of school spirit makes staff and students feel more invested in their school, which can make them happier and motivate them to work harder and help each other out.

“I think South has a better spirit because people actually participate in my opinion,” Alfredo said.
Schools at every level can improve their culture and performance by actively promoting school spirit on their campus.

The school should encourage students to show their love for Omaha South High every single day, because it truly is wonderful to be a Packer.

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