A Lockdown Drill From A Student’s Perspective

Ximena Anguiano Cortes

“It’s stupid. It’s needed but dumb at the same time”, Victoria Ajayi a senior said.
Ajayi understood the method that is used but she cannot wrap her head around the fact that we are sitting in a corner defenseless.
In the student handbook the procedure of a lockdown is described as the following, “A lockdown takes place if an internal threat is identified at the school. All school doors are locked, and students are confined to classrooms or secured locations. No entry or exit to the school will be allowed until an “all-clear” announcement is made.”
“Find cover. Stay away from doors and windows and spread out.” Joseph Newell a junior said.
Why is it that every time we do a lockdown drill it becomes more pointless. Flaws of the procedure become clearer and it becomes more evident that we are sitting ducks waiting for our death.
“You’re literally useless. We’re all going to get shot at if we sit in the corner.” Lety Delgado a junior said.
The lockdown drill becomes less of a drill for our safety and more of a rehearsal for our deaths. With the news having covered so many schools shooting the drill and our plans of where we hide have become public knowledge.
“It’s hard. Teachers should have a weapon. Students should try to get through a window.” Julio Tovar a senior said when asked what he could change about the procedure.
“It’s better for students to spread out.” Victoria Ajayi said when asked the same question.
If a student doesn’t feel safe with this procedure then, why do we still do it? Why do we waste our time preparing for something that most students know is just our death sentence.