Students with late start have trouble getting to school


Students must enter through the main entrance only when coming in late

Jazielle Robles, Reporter

It’s sometimes a gamble if my dad can take me to school or not. If he doesn’t get up in time I, then have to walk to school,” senior Jesus Carmona said. Carmona is one of the many students who have late start and is lucky that he does not have too far of a walk when he can’t get a ride, but other student depend on vehicles as the distance is just too long to walk. 

Late start is a feature South High school has given its many Seniors and Juniors. With being able to sleep longer there comes with a price. And that price is wondering how to get to school on time.  

Transportation is not as accessible compared to those that stay the whole day. Parents have gotten used to the 7:40 a.m. to 3:05 p.m. schedule and already have ways to take their kids to school. But with coming in an hour or two later can really mess things up for these parents. 

Most parents/ guardians have very early jobs and the regular school schedule tends to help them be able to drop off their kids and get to work on time. But with late start the child may have to find a new source of transportation as the parental figure cannot be there for them. 

 These students would most likely take the city bus to get to school but it’s not a reliable way to get to the building. Trying to get on time with unreliable transportation isn’t the only problem students need to face.  

A major issue for those of late start is for those who drive to school, can’t get a good parking space then those who arrive on normal time. Since the school parking is set up as a first come first serve space those who wish to have a reliable spot in the lot will have to get there very early to do so. But those with late start obviously can’t due to them coming to school later. This makes it difficult as the other spaces around the school are public and not private so there will be no way to say if the student has a close enough parking for them.  

To help with the chaos of parking many students have suggested in using the Colins field parking lot. This has many benefits as it allows more parking, is not that far from the school and is on school property so kids will feel reassured that their vehicles are in a safe place.  

Parking and arriving on time are very important aspects when having late start, but one thing many students forget to do is to get a good breakfast.  

Mia Eberlein, a student from South, has said that for her it is harder to get a good breakfast as she no longer can eat at the school. The free breakfast in the morning in the school is a valuable aspect of the building but will no longer be available to those who come in late. So, students are either forced to get a meal before entering the building risking being late or just stay hungry in the morning.