Minute pass due to overcrowding


Yeimi Aguirre-Aranda

Students stopping by at the tardy station to get there tardy.

Yeimi Aguirre-Aranda

South High has a bearing number of 2,886 students, making it one of the most populated High school in Omaha.  

Since South is overpopulated, it causes students to have a hard time getting to class. This may result into student’s tardies increasing. 

Yeimi Aguirre-Aranda

South has a system where if a student is having trouble going from one floor to another, they may ask for a what is called a minute pass. In order to get one, students have to talk with the teacher they are having trouble getting to class or even their administrator. 

Going from a long distance is hard but sometimes noticing that an extra minute is needed may not be so obvious. 

“Two reason, I knew that it was a long distance and sometimes, we get out late, from dance, so just leaving when the bell rang, then going to fourth floor was hard,” said Sophia Sanchez a student with a minute pass.  

 Sanchez was able to get a minute pass, because of the great distance she travels. I had to go from the dance studio to the fourth floor,” she said.  

Although a minute may not be enough time for others, Sanchez confirms that she has time to stop by her locker and or use the bathroom with the added minute she has. Which may be difficult for a student who doesn’t have the advantage of a minute pass. 

Getting a minute pass may be hard, since the administrator has to verify that you really need it. 

Susan McLaughlin an administrator mentions how she only hands out around thirty to forty minute passes a year. She mentions that she hands out this many because it’s helpful for those who actually needed, and to avoid giving them to students who abuse could possibly abuse it.