Packer School Store


Neida Quiroz


The Packer School Store first opened in the 1970’s.  

Karen Ratajski took over the operation of the school store from Helen Sliwa five years ago.  

Ratajski sells multiple items at the store ranging from school supplies to Packer clothing and merchandise.  

“Most people come in for the clothes like t-shirts and hoodies,”Ratajski said. 

Most sales occur near the beginning of the school year when there’s a new influx of freshmen and there are school events such as football games and pep rallies where students want to show their school spirit. Ratajski even runs a stand at home varsity games. 

Buyers have a different types of designs to choose from.

“Everything has a design of something, it says South High or packers or some have pictures of the bulls,” Ratajski said.

Clothing at the Packer School Store is sold at an affordable price.

“T-shirts start at $10 and most of the hoodies can run up to forty-five,” Ratajski said.

People may sometimes want to know where the money they’re spending goes to and that may stop them from buying something.

“The money that comes into the school store is used to buy more merchandise,” Ratajski said.

For those interested, the Packer School Store is opened daily from 8-3.