South’s School Spirit Could Use Lift From Students, Staff

Marisela Rodriguez, Editor

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Omaha South High School has a very good reputation when it comes to their athletics and academics. Although, they excel in academics and athletics, one thing that many students agree on is that many students agree om is that Omaha South High School lacks school spirit overall.

Omaha South High’s student council works diligently to come up with creative and fun ideas for the student body, but a large portion of students choose to not demonstrate pride for South through participating in these events.

This year, South has hosted one pep rally to honor the varsity boys’ basketball team winning the Class A State Championship title.

Many students decided to leave school rather than attend the pep rally, and some students simply didn’t leave their classroom to go to the pep rally.

The question of why students would choose to skip has many possible answers ranging from they don’t support athletic achievements to they don’t have pride in South.

” Maybe our students would enjoy pep rallies a little bit more if there were games and raffles, and we got students from the crowd involved, instead of having students just sit there.” – —–   – Senior Javier Rodriguez stated.

The Student Council has also worked very hard to try to get our students involved. They have to put together spirit weeks, posters, and they have regularly updated social media pages/.

South has everything it needs to have an engaged student body between sports, academics, clubs, and other activities. Regardless of the many opportunities to become involved, many students don’t

The students that are most involved in school tend to be those in clubs, sports or other activities. It is these students who always participate wholeheartedly when it comes to school spirit. On the other hand, the students that aren’t as involved in school do not participate at the same level when it comes to school spirit. While there are many staff members who demonstrate school spirit at every opportunity, there are those who don’t. At the pep rally this semester, there was an obvious shortage of teachers present.

If students see engagements coming staff, there is the possibility they will feel more comfortable or become more interested in participating. Students need to see participation coming from the head of the school for them to be more involved when it comes to school spirit and activities.

Overall Omaha South High School is a great school, with excellent academics and sports, if the student body as a whole would get more involved in school spirit everyone would understand why South is and has the best of the best in OPS.