Book Club

Alexandra Suria-Pacas

South has a Book Club for students and staff that has been around for seven years and currently has twenty participants. 

“Seven years ago, Mrs. Rice became the Librarian, and the book club started with four girls during lunch period,” Angelica Spreen said.  

Stacy Rice and Spreen are the librarians at South. Spreen is in her third year as a librarian at South. 

Rice works hard to ensure that book club selections are interesting for the students. The librarians also strive to connect students with the authors of the books they read. 

Book club will be having an author skype next month and then we will have the last meeting of the year,” Spreen said. 

Book club tries to meet with members once every month, which is sometimes challenging when it comes to accommodating everyone’s schedules. 

“Book club meets because students share an interest in books and it gives likeminded people a safe place to check out and talk about books,” Spreen said. 

The final book that students will read this year is Jumped by Rita Williams-Garcia.  The novel focuses on tension among teenage girls and the motives behind school fights and the struggle to stay out of trouble.