Pack on Track

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Omaha South High Magnet is always working to find ways to improve students’ academic performance and has seen improvements since Pack on Track began. 

Pack on Track has brought a lot of awareness to students by filling out the Pack on Track form. The form asks students about grades, number of missing assignments, and GPA. Students fill out this form 1-2 times each quarter.  

“It’s very boring to fill out the sheet but it helps a lot to see when I can improve,” Naithon Juarez said.  

While some students like Ulises Vazquez don’t know about Pack on Track, there has been a lot of improvements for the kids that participate. 

Juarez has a higher GPA than Vazquez. He has a 3.2, Ulises on the other hand has a 2.8. Juarez has a higher GPA by 4 points.  

It’s possible that Juarez has a higher GPA than Vazquez because he stays updated with his academics through Pack on Track. 

Teachers really recommend students to fill out the Pack on Track form so they are aware and can take ownership of their academic performance.