YNA Rocks the Vote at South

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Young Nebraskans in Action partnered with Heartland Workers Center of Omaha to host am election at South High School on November 2nd during lunch. The election was held in the Gym Commons where Senior Symposium is typically held.

This was the first year that Young Nebraskans in Action (YNA), a new club at South, organized an Election Day. Their mission is to bring more awareness to the South Omaha community. The Heartland Workers Center (HWC) also works to get more students involved in the community.

The election, as a first effort to increase community engagement, allowed students’ voices to be heard and gave them the opportunity to vote for families’ rights.

“It is important to make a difference. Every vote matters.” Destiny, a senior who voted election day, said.

Before seniors could vote during their lunch, they were required to register. During registration and after voting, students were able to enjoy snacks and staff from HWC provided a warm welcome as they provided information and helped seniors understand the process.

Across Nebraska and throughout the entire United States, new voter registration numbers increased among young Americans. This suggests that more Americans want their voices heard and want to vote on behalf of those who may not be able to.

“I always vote. I think the midterm elections are more important, especially for Local and State,” Andrew said.

“Every vote matters” was a frequently heard phrase during South’s election. The overarching message  of the day was that this opportunity enabled students to be part of a decision that affects both the state and national government, which is a privilege that some countries do not have.

“Every vote matters. It only takes one vote to create a different outcome,” senior Vincent Huerta said.

In all, 15 students registered to vote, 18 student votes were cast, and 60 is the number of students that made sure their voices were heard during these midterm elections.