Library Documentation

Tania Moreno Tellez

Around eleven on a February morning, during the third block of an A day, the library documentation began at the entry and exit way of South High’s library that is wide enough for multiple students to come in and out.







As one walks into the library, students are welcomed by friendly library media specialists Ann Maass (Ms. Maass) and Stacy Rice (Ms. Rice). They are ready to help anyone with anything library/book-related that goes their way first thing in the morning. “We come in before school, there are lots of kids here already because Ms. Anderson opens up before we get here,” said Rice.





Towards the center of the library, a few members of the National Honors Society and sponsor Josephine Zbylut-Birky (Ms. ZB) share a table during their monthly lunch meeting. “Some days we have classes, usually people ask us for research, lessons, or for like book talks and checkouts. Other days, hosting so like right now that’s National Honors Society and it’s different every day,” said Rice.





At the far left corner of the library, the fictional section can be found in the midst of student and library media teachers’ favorite books. “I like the fiction the best because that is what I prefer to read,” said Maass.







The left corner of South’s spacious library has become a fan favorite within the area. The one and only view of 24 st. can be found there while searching for books. “That’s my favorite spot too because those are the only two windows you can look out of,” said Rice.







View of 24 St from inside South’s library on Tuesday, February 8th around noon. “If you ever want to see outside you have to go to the back so it’s kind of nice like all your favorite books are back there and you have your pretty little window, it’s got a good view, I love it,” said Rice.






A few fiction books lined up next to each other in an alphabetically organized manner on a shelf near the left side corner of the library window.








A view towards the library media specialists’ work area from the poetry bookshelf aisle that can be found to the right side of the room. “I really do like the lights that come in here. They are really pretty, it’s a nice space it’s all open,” said Maass.







A few students individually and quietly working nearby an ongoing class and the checkout area.









A bigger view and greater insight of the library from one of the mirror bulbs located towards the right side of the room. “One of the fun parts is that you are always having your own ideas like what kind of book club are we gonna have or what are we going to do for book club, what book are we reading, that’s fun,” said Rice. “It’s a really fun job, I enjoy it. I like to have a variety of what I get to do every day. Get to see lots of different students and have opportunities to go meet lots of different teachers and classrooms,” said Maass.