Advice for grade under 

Advice for grade under is to help incoming freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors understand what to expect from the grade. Most of the time students are overwhelmed by starting the new school year. Seniors like Joel Salcedo and Erik Valenzuela Rubio gave their advice to the new seniors. Perla Alcalá Chairez and Tania Moreno Tellez are giving their advice to incoming juniors. Then Marki Sandoval is giving advice to the incoming sophomores. Alec Mosser and Cynthia Martinez to the new and incoming freshmen.  


“ My advice for upcoming seniors would be to get involved in activities and events since this will be your last year in high school and it’s an experience that only happens once such as sports clubs, dances and a lot more, don’t be afraid to ask for help if you fall behind senior year can get a little hectic and staying on top of your classes is really important since it’s the final stretch into adulthood, start exploring different career paths so it’s easier down the road once you have to the choice apply for all kinds of scholarships and assistance it can go a long way.” – Joel Salcedo



“Well don’t try failing. You know it’s your last year you don’t wanna end up messing it up, everyone can graduate it’s just up to you if you really want to, in other words don’t be lazy and keep pushing you’re almost done.” – Erik Valenzuela Rubio






“Pass your classes, don’t stress too much about tests, just do your best, not everyone is good at everything so it’s okay if you struggle in classes, don’t worry about others, focus on yourself and what’s best for you.” – Perla Alcalá Chairez





“When choosing your junior classes be mindful about your likes and the pathway you would enjoy taking. Make sure to keep your grades and pass your classes every semester, especially your main class. Turn in work on time and pay attention during class lessons everyone loves to be on their phones but listen to your teachers and their directions first, complete the work you need to get done then (if allowed) enjoy the rest of the time on your phone. Every student has a problem with their phone so limiting your time on the internet can help a lot be respectful to everyone (staff members too!!) and stop getting into stupid fights over drama that won’t matter in five years, get over it and worry about school. Junior year hits you hard if you aren’t prepared for it so don’t be surprised if you don’t do your work now and begin struggling even more your following school years. Don’t forget that you need to have 49 credits to graduate so prioritize passing all your classes. As someone who has her own struggles, I know that mental health is sometimes overlooked and rarely asked about but if you feel unmotivated with school talk to someone, let those feelings out. Some teachers are understanding but others prioritize assignments and tests over everything else so knowing how to manage around deadlines, although you might be feeling upset, is important. Set goals for yourself but don’t push past your limit, it is okay to take some time to relax and prioritize yourself as well. Always make sure to tell yourself at the end of the day that you did your best and no matter what grades you have they don’t define your worth.” – Tania Moreno Tellez


“My advice to the next sophomores would be to get mental help, a counselor, a therapist, a psychiatrist, whatever you need. Needing mental help doesn’t mean you’re crazy, it means you know what is best for you in order to get what you need to get done, you can’t work properly when you’re not getting help, you can try, but you’ll get stressed and things will escalate in a negative way. I don’t recommend giving all your trust to the school counselors, based on personal experience it’s best to get someone outside of school. Admitting you need help isn’t weak, it’s strong because not people can admit they need help. Another thing, learn about things like racism, homophobia, ableism, etc. Learn where it came from, learn how to avoid saying such things, you can’t grow up thinking that racism or being ableist is funny. People will hate you in the real world for that, it’s a valid reason to dislike people like that. It’s necessary to learn because some people don’t have a choice whether they want to learn about it or not, they have to face it.” – Marki Sandoval



“Reach out to your teachers about missing work. They have so many students its hard for them to keep track of everyone. So, it’s your responsibility. Take the classes you want too and that you find interesting and enjoy.” – Esmeralda Alcala Chairez



“Be yourself. Don’t try and change your self for someone else. Don’t be in a bad group friends. Don’t try to fit in. If you feel unsafe tell the teacher if you can take a break of class. Listen to your freshmen seminar teacher. Try and find a good group of friends to keep all of high school. Do your work, if you don’t understand it ask the teacher for help.” – Alec Moser


“If you’re trying to enjoy or just study school, don’t look for any drama. Don’t talk bad about people if they if they talk bad about you just don’t say anything. Obviously, there’s going to be problems where people are gonna even want to fight you that you don’t even know them. Don’t get involved in any drama. You’re gonna make friends that are gonna be fake. They’re not gonna be real friends, you’re going to drop them, just drop them that’s the best thing for you to do. School wise I say, don’t be mean to your teachers, like some teachers are really cool if you get to know them. Also just be nice to them because they gonna deal with high school kids, if you like a certain class or you don’t like the certain teacher of that class and your like l want to change you can talk to your counselor about that. I would suggest study because you never know want you want to do in the future. So just get good grades in high school that can help you out a lot. Be who you are I would say that’s the big thing, be yourself. If you don’t really like talking to people you don’t have to. If you’re someone that you’re not, you’re just gonna make friends that aren’t your friends. So, you’ll be surprised there’s so many kids at south that there’s so many different types of people, so you have to be careful on who you choose to be friends, so obviously there’s going to be like bad ones and the good ones, you just have to be yourself to find them. I suggest that’s one of the big things about I would give advice to when you’re coming into high school, also it’s not as scary as you would think, if you’re thinking about the older kids, they don’t really care about freshmen honestly, if you don’t look for drama your fine. It is going to be hard to study and stuff maybe, or certain classes just ask your teachers or find a teacher that can help you because they’re nice. It’s just sometimes they can be mean because of certain kids, it just depends. So, I would just say respect others don’t look for drama and respect your teachers too.” – Cynthia Martinez