Life after graduation and advice for college


The “GoingMerry” app is available for free to anyone looking to be matched to scholarships in a few minutes, it gives the individual choices between local scholarships, auto-filled forms and bundled scholarships.

Tania Moreno Tellez

As the second semester of South’s 2021-2022 school year begins, the pressure on the class of 2022 grows as their graduation date gets closer. This year seniors graduate in May, a few days before the last day of school like every other year that can be seen as a gift for their achievements.

Towards the end of every school year, there is a great number of seniors that feel immense pressure from peers and adults in their lives as the final day of their high school experience comes to an end.

It can be stressful for students who have little knowledge or none at all of what they plan on doing after high school. It can also be stressful for those who do have an idea of a career or study that they are striving for.

While some of these seniors prepare for their future lives, some of them work a large number of hours to save up money for the plan that they envision for themselves.

Louis Alvarado Romero, Senior at South, is currently working as many shifts possible at his job to save up money for the college of his choice.

“I’m going to go to Wyoming to study for automotive technician at a school called WyoTech,” Alvarado, said.

WyoTech, Wyoming Technical Institute, is a college located in Laramie, Wyoming. Its studies pertain to those interested in pursuing careers as technicians in the automotive and diesel industry.

“I like cars a lot so I knew it would be a good career,” Alvarado said.

Personality and personal likes have a huge influence in choosing a pathway towards college or life in general. A great amount of students that hope to go to college decide their career based on things they enjoy like Alvarado has.

Alvarado has his future envisioned as he plans on finishing his studies at WyoTech and hopes to make his way back to his home town and accomplish his dream career.

“I will probably come back to Omaha and be working for a manufacturing company.., saving up and build my own workshop and do that for a living,” Alvarado said.

For the meantime, seniors have their small goals to complete before heading off to college which can be seen as the last to-do list of a high schooler. Tasks such as the FASFA and fill out as many scholarships or grants as possible.

As for Alvarado he plans to; “Graduate high school and get some scholarships and make my way to Wyoming in July.”

Although working as much as possible will bring more money to the table than needed, not everyone has the time for it. High school students already have school to worry about and on top of that some have home priorities that don’t allow them to work.

Therefore, it is smart to begin thinking about scholarships and continue to keep grades up. Although the year is almost to an end, it doesn’t mean it’s the time to begin slacking.

South provides many scholarships for students such as the Buffet Scholarship. Students should also be doing their own research for more scholarships since there are plenty online that can be easily accessible.

The Buffett Scholarship is a scholarship created by the Susan T. Buffet Foundation for students living in Nebraska and it has been around for more than 50 years. The GPA requirement for this scholarship is a 2.0 unweighted cumulative or higher and this years applications are due no later than February 1st before 5pm CST.

A helpful website available to anyone is, which gives information about scholarships and grants that goes towards college especially those interested in architecture, individuals who are active in their community etc.

There is also an app called “Going Merry” that provides scholarships in which a student or anyone interested can create an account and from there the individual is matched with information about government aid and scholarships after a couple of personal questions.