Squid Game – Spoiler Review


Tania Moreno Tellez

Since its premier date, which was September 17th of this year, one of Netflix’s original series ‘Squid Game’ quickly received a great amount of fame as every day went by but as much love as it was getting, there were also a couple of issue highlighted by fans. 

The story sets its start with main character Seong Gi-hun who is lazy enough to be living off his old mother’s small income while continuously disappointing his only daughter who was taken away after his divorce. 

 He is already in lots of debt but after playing a children’s game with a man he just met at a subway station for a chance of winning 10,000 won, he is in much more debt than he started with. 

 After various rounds of the game Gi-hun finally wins one and then is given his promised money alongside a card with a shape pattern and phone number.  

 It is later figured out that all the people who agreed to play the simple children’s game are taken to a unknown location where they encounter each other in the same looking suits with numbers.  

 Not long after, masked men wearing bright red suits walk into the room in which they explain the purpose of them all being there. It is explained to the players that they are expected to play six games and succeed in all to win the money that was collected from all of them. 

 Gi-hun along with the other players were reminded by the men in masks that they are all under a great amount of debt and surviving these games could quickly become their only option at life. 

 The main character, Gi-hun, meets lots of people at the undetected location but he never thought of finding is childhood friend Cho Sang-woo since he was known to be on another path but was revealed the truth behind him. 

 The first game the contestants were told to play was ‘Red light, Green light’ which consisted of them advancing when the doll said the light turned green and coming to a stop when the light was said to become red. 

 ‘Red light, Green light’ brought an immense panic over the players that at the end of the game it was revealed that nearly half of the players were already eliminated. 

 After the first game was over, the contestants all had a vote about if the should continue playing the game for the money prize or vote for it to end and the majority voted for it to end. Therefore, they were drugged once and thrown out into the real world. 

 A few days go by and many contestants realize their real world problems actually need the money and decide to go back into the game for a second time and during this time detective Hwang Jun-ho successfully infiltrated the setting in search of his brother. 

 The second game consisted of them to play with sugar honeycombs and carve out whatever shape they chose without causing any damage to the comb. 

 Before the second game began Kang Sae-byeok, one of the young contestants who is trying to win to bring her family back together, was able to find out a hint about the game and that helped Sang-woo figure it out. 

 The third game was Tug-of-War and although Gi-hun’s team wasn’t the strongest they still managed to win thanks to the advice Oh Il-nam gave and from smart choices by Sang-woo. 

 Before the fourth game began the masked men told the contestants to find a partner which made them assume they would be playing alongside them but ended up playing against each other.  

 “Episode six was an emotional episode with a cruel game. We get to see what brings the best and the worst of each character and see how how they truly are,” Paola Oviedo, fan of the show said. 

 Most of the characters had formed a friendship or already has one with the partner they had chosen so the news came to all of them as a surprise. 

 Gi-hun teamed up with Il-nam who he had grown fond of and Sang-woo joined Ali Abdul, one of the contestants who wanted to win for the sake of his family’s safety, because he thought their brains and physical strength could help them win.  

 Another friendship that was quickly highlighted and that shook the fan base was the one between Sae-yeok and Ji-yeong.  

 “Sae-byeok opens up about her past to Ji-yeong. Then Ji-yeong sacrifices herself for Sae-byeok which shows that she is willing to sacrifice herself for someone else considering she doesn’t have nothing she wants to live for,” Oviedo said.  

 Before finding out the truth about the game Ji-yeong promised to do whatever it took for Sae-yeok to win. Those friendships that had been built throughout that shared experience were destroyed by that same game. 

 “Sang-woo shows us how unloyal and untrustworthy he can be. He betrays his friends for money when they are all trying to work together,” Esmeralda Alcala, fan of the series, said. 

 The fifth game allowed them to chose a number vest and that ended up determining who would start the next game but they didn’t know that when choosing.  

 They played a game and like any other the survivors had already played it risked their lives. The purpose of the game was to guess which glass step in front of them was the correct one and if they were to chose the incorrect one they would fall to their deaths. 

 This game included lots of sabotaging but after the blood bash the remaining players were Gi-hun, Sang-woo and Sae-byoek. Right after getting to the end they were surprised by a wind of glass which caused an injury to Sae-byeok’s abdomen. 

 After a three person dinner prepared by the masked men, the three survivors were left alone in the starter room but they were all afraid of each other after seeing what each one of them was capable of. 

 Towards the end, one of the lasting players was murdered and the two standing fought for the final prize. Gi-hun was the winner but once he made it out he realized everything he had been fighting for wasn’t worth it because it had been long destroyed. 

 Squid Game attracted lots of attention the day it came out which lead to people all over the globe watching and over analyzing the entire show. 

 There was a tweet of a fan that speaks fluent Korean that spoke out about the translations in English not begin accurate. This can make it difficult for those trying to learn a new language. 

 “Not to sound snobby but i’m fluent in Korean and I watched Squid Game with English subtitles and if you don’t understand Korean you didn’t really watch the same show. Translation was so bad. The dialogue was written so well and zero of it was preserved,” Youngmi Mayer (@ymmayer) user shared on Twitter. 

 Although most of the time Netflix’s subtitles are automatically generated it can be an inconvenience for people that are hard if hearing. Other than that Squid Game was a success that many will continue to enjoy as long as it’s on Netflix.