Humans of South: Security Guard, Johan Centeno


This year South welcomed Johan Centeno as a new security guard. Centeno is a South alum and he mentioned how great it feels to be back in the building with all the diversity and culture. His favorite part of south is “meeting new students and being able to build relationship with them.”

On his free time, he enjoys playing soccer and video games,  his current go to game being Call of Duty Ware Zone.

Johan said his goal for this year is “to learn everyone’s name, even though it may be unobtainable my goal is to learn as many names as possible.” Centeno is hard-working, dependable, always has time for his family, and is a great role-model.

Johan had worked at the South Omaha Boys and girls club and after meeting and getting to know all of the kids he wanted to continue being in the kid’s lives. He then applied for South High and luckily landed the job. He now does his best to continue to grow previous bonds and start new ones with students by talking to them and keeping them out of trouble.

What makes Johan happy is simply making others happy and “being there for those in need whether they’re having a bad day or have something on their mind, I love talking,” Centeno said.