Senior, Jannette Castro- Gomez


Nancy Marin-Melesio

After high school many plan on going to college or taking a gap year, or traveling but Janette Castro- Gomez a South High senior has it figured out.  

“I plan to go to college, major in biology and some kind of med school, and hopefully I can go into child psychology,” said Castro. 

A reason on why she is majoring in biology is because she is passionate about getting more women of color into STEM.  

“Something I’m passionate about is getting more women of color in STEM. So that’s why I want to major in biology after high school,” said Castro.  

Something she would teach that doesn’t have to be school rated is explaining that somethings happen for a reason.  

“I think that everything happens for a reason, I think there maybe times were like you can get stressed but everything will work itself out at the end of the day,” she said.

An interesting fact about Castro is that she knows 3 languages.  

“Something interesting about myself is that I know 3 languages Spanish, English, and French,” said Castro.  

Something that she is excited about life is having her dog with her.  

“Something that gets me excited about life is probably my dog, I know I can always go home to her and like everything’s going to be okay,” said Castro.