Junior, Aliyah Aljaddou


Nancy Marin-Melesio

“Something  I’m  passionate  about  is  swimming  and  science,  I  love to swim and I’ve been doing it since 7th grade, I enjoy it a lot and then science is always super interesting and a fun learning environment,” said South High junior Aliyah Aljaddou.   

Swimming and Science are two things Aljaddou enjoys in life, but she also has plans on what she’ll do after high school.  

“I plan on going to college studying/majoring/minoring in biology, special education, secondary education and getting a teacher certificate further along. While having a job as a para at some school and then I want to become a bio and special education high school teacher,” said Aljaddou.  

Aljaddou plans on becoming a para teacher but Aljaddou’s happy place is cleaning.  

“Something interesting about myself is that others might not know is that, I love to clean I enjoy  cleaning it brings me happiness,” said Aljaddou.