Homecoming behind the scenes

Homecoming, which was on Saturday, September 25th, is an annual event and important for high school students, which makes them excited to attended and help out behind the scenes. The theme for this year’s homecoming was Night of a Thousand Lights. 

Student council at South High worked very hard to make homecoming possible during COVID.  

Sara Policky, student council sponsor, talks about how student council is encouraging students to be more involved in school events. 

“We did more prizes, more competitions like the banner decorating competition, we’re trying to get students pumped up with prizes and giving free tickets to encourage them,” said Policky. 

Homecoming was special for most students since it was their first school dance since it wasn’t possible last school year to have one, but because of COVID homecoming also looked different than past years. 

“You can’t bring a date from another school you have to wear a mask,” Policky said. 

The dance floor is a place for all students to have fun and not worry about COVID, but since we are in a pandemic South High hoped students would respect each other. 

“We are going to enforce the mask and we’re hoping that students will respect each other and give each other space,” Policky said. 

To get students excited for homecoming we had spirit week that happened the week before homecoming and prizes for the students that participated the most. 

Student council had a hashtag this year, #SouthHOCO2021, for student participation. 

“We checked the hashtag through social media for individual and group prizes,” Policky said. 

Theme and decoration are important for school parties, the theme for our homecoming this year was Night of a Thousand Lights, with decorations to support the theme like a photo booth, romantic pathway and entrance supported with many lights and candles. 

Students were involved with the designs for the decorations and ticket for homecoming, which is something new for South High. 

“That was something our student council students wanted to do to get students more involved in decision making,” Policky said. 

Funding school parties is also important so the parties happen in the first place, which student council takes care of. 

“Homecoming pays for itself, so we use the money that student council makes from homecoming to pay for the next homecoming,” Policky said  

The homecoming court is something that students look forward to, they have fun in voting for their friends and seeing who ends up being king and queen. Samantha Koehler-Overton, student council sponsor, talks about the homecoming court  

“We will announce king and queen at halftime at the game, and the dance we welcome them into the dance, then they have a royalty dance,” Koehler said 

Students Julian Mejia and Ellie Reyna were announced as king and queen and students Sam Hodoly and Yolanda Henderson were announced prince and princess, as it was announced during halftime at the game, Friday September 24th. 

As homecoming comes to an end, we can appreciate all the hard work and school spirit students and teachers have showed to enjoy homecoming, leaving students very excited for the next school party.