Packers vs. Bears: An in depth look at history

Both South and Bryan High were erected in the 1900’s, and one thing they share is a sports rivalry. Mostly within football, but within most sports played at either high school, this rivalry brings just a bit more excitement to games and keeps the spirit of healthy competition between schools alive. In the words of Dr.Rony Ortega, the principal of Bryan, “This rivalry can be energizing, and allow us to bond with our communities over success or failure.”   

A big question about this rivalry, is what caused it to begin with? One of the main causes seems to be the proximity of the schools. More specifically, the splitting of the attendance area. Most students that attend Marrs Middle will either go on to South or Bryan, which in a way makes the school competitors. Since South was erected before Bryan, most families of now Bryan students graduated from South, which was another cause of the rivalry.  

In the words of Dr.Ortega, “We are not enemies, we just want to out compete another in sports and activities.”  

When someone hears of a rivalry between schools, they may think that means a genuine rivalry fueled by disagreement or something similar. But when it comes to Bryan and South, all it really is at its core is a healthy competition, almost the same as a game between South or Bryan and any other school. The excitement a game between the two schools brings is heightened by the rivalry, which energizes the school and community and makes the games themselves more interesting. 

In the end, it’s not so much a win or a loss that defines the rivalry, it is more about the experience of a game itself. A win can be a triumph for either school, and a loss can be a time to learn from mistakes made and keep improving. But either way the rivalry between Bryan and South should be seen as a good thing. It keeps students, staff, and team players alike energized and partaking in healthy competition, which is good for the school spirit.