The life of dance and cheer at Omaha South High


Nancy Marin-Melesio

South High’s cheer and dance team perform at South High’s first Pep Rally of the 2021 school year.

Have you ever wondered what’s behind the smiles of the Luvabulls and cheerleaders at Omaha South High? Omaha South High is most known for their dance and cheer team, let’s focus on the girls. 

Not many people know but South has an exploratory dance class provided for students. 

“One of the cool things about this program is that most kids take this class for four years and about 25 to 30 students graduate south high and pursue a dancing career and still reach out to me,” said Danielle Laurion, one of South High’s dance teachers.

Just like everyone else, dancers have their own struggles. 

“I think the number one struggle that comes with dancing is the self-confidence. Once students start moving, they realize they can do more than what they thought they could because sometimes they see dance and say, ‘oh my can I do all that?’” 

Some students find the struggle with their body image because they think they are too skinny, too buff or that they aren’t pretty enough.  

“A lot of people think they have to be tall and skinny to be in cheer but there’s a lot of people in our team who don’t fit that stereotype, but we all come in different shapes and sizes and that’s just how it works” says Viriana Serrano a junior on the Cheer team.  

Another struggle with dance and cheer would be the cost of the uniforms but their coaches make sure they run a fundraiser so everyone could have enough money to be involved.  

Dancing and cheer is a great way to feel free and express yourself through music. Alondra Hurtado, a senior in the Luvabulls says the music and rhythm makes her feel a sensation through her body and it’s her main reason why she participates in the Luvabulls.  

The Luvabulls and Cheerleaders at South give life and spirit to the school. They make the school amused with their performances during games. It is a fun way to meet new friends and try something new.