Past and recent sexual allegations against UNL being brought to light

On Tuesday, August 23rd a young freshman was sexually assaulted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln by a member of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, also referred to as FIJI. UNL students were quick to act against the college and spread the information around social media to gain consideration. 

 The situation was quick to reach social media platforms by the following Wednesday thanks to the UNL students that made countless of posts and videos on TikTok and Instagram exposing what had happened at their college. 

 “I honestly saw it coming, UNL is known for their huge frat parties and this year isn’t the first, there have been allegations as such,” Nayzeth Macias, UNO freshmen college student, said. 

 In years past there have been multiple other allegations about that same Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity which even lead them to be shut down from May 2017 till May of 2020. 

 “There was an accusation of rape and they are trying to cover it up so that their campus doesn’t have a bad reputation,” Aracely Lopez, Omaha South High student, said.  

 There had been a party at campus that same night of the assault but once people found out about the crime, students held a protest for the young girl, including other victims, where they repeated the phrases; “What do we want? Justice! If we don’t get it, what do we do? Shut it down!” 

 “It is important to hold the students accountable for these heinous acts and if protests will allow that to happen then so be it,” Dayanara Nambo, Omaha North High School student, said. 

 After the report of the sexual assault FIJI was suspended once again but many people didn’t think that was enough hence the protest and the fact that they had been suspended not even a short while ago. 

 “The fraternity suspension should’ve just been an overall expulsion especially after some of the frat’s “brothers” were laughing and mocking the protesters,” Macias said. 

 Max Helm, student at UNL and a part of the Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity, was the accused who committed the sexual assault yet, he wasn’t convicted. The young girl was left out on the lawn bleeding, bruised and crying for help.  

 “The suspension was like a slap on the wrist compared to what the victim went through. He should serve time for what he did,” Lopez said. 

 Following the protests the story went viral on social media and the chain of information went on and continued to get to others on the internet. There were many opinions and most was backlash towards the fraternity and University of Nebraska-Lincoln because of the little action that they were taking. 

 “I am in utter disgust not only with the fraternity but also the school board for trying to sweep it under the rug,” Nambo said. 

 The fraternity’s sexual harassment history was known about way before this happened but now even more people around the United States know about it.  

 “I think that the fact that the same frat has a history of sexual harassment should not be taken lightly because they obviously have problems with not being able to control themselves,” Lopez said. 

 It is unclear what or if the University of Nebraska-Lincoln plans to do anything to change the way their university is being viewed as now as of recently. Opinions from every which way are flowing through social media and once something is out there it will never be completely deleted. 

 “There isn’t much UNL can really do about a guy or even sometimes a woman who chooses to. But for starters, UNO made us go through a course of what to do when this happens to us or others and how to prevent sexual assault. UNL should also partake in this course,” Macias said. 

 Not only are students from University of Nebraska-Lincoln being affected by the situation, so are other nearby university students like Nayzeth Macias who just started her freshman year at the University of Nebraska Omaha. 

 “As a student that is new to college all I can think about is that could’ve been me or even someone I know. What happened to that girl is horrible and the accused is having their time of their lives in Mexico… that’s so wrong,” Macias said. 

 Others who have grown concerned about all these sexual and rape allegations at UNL have been high school students who have always considered the university as one of their top selections. 

 “As a student who is selecting colleges, I want a college that cares about me and will take care of me as a feminine presenting person I feel in all that they let this go on for so long,” Nambo said. 

 “It makes me sad because one of my top two choices for college was UNL, but they obviously care more about the reputation they have than for their students. It makes me feel unsafe,” Lopez said. 

 The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is yet to once again address their situation. Individuals on social media say the only reason they came out to speak on the subject was because they were caught fire after the crime occurred. Therefore, people are starting to agree with each other that the fraternity should completely shut down for good. 

 “At this point they have over 13 accusations and the campus is still marked as a “safe place”. I believe that the school should pay more attention at what happened in their campus and start that by shutting down FIJI,” Macias said.