Covid-19 Won’t Stop Prom This Year


Seniors have been waiting with bated breath over whether the 2021 prom will happen as of April, prom is scheduled to take place in May.  

In years past, south prom was held at the Kroc center. This years prom will take place at Lauritzen Gardens. 

“OPS said prom must be in May and outside,” Courtney Mulder said.  

Mulder, an English teacher and senior class cabinet sponsor explained that the process of finding a location and date was not the easiest. 

“Lauritzen seemed most appealing in terms of location, the ability to accommodate the number of students we have, and familiarity with outdoor events,” Mulder said. 

Ops is requiring the district proms must be held outdoors to meet COVID-19 safety protocols.  

Traditionally each high school funds their own prom, but this year is different.  

“ The district is assisting with OPS proms,” Mulder said.  

Assistant principal and Activity Director Julie Johnson added that funding from the district is possible thanks to donations from an outside organization.  

The district is scheduling proms in may because the weather should be more accommodating of being outdoors.  

“ Unfortunately, if it rains the event will be cancelled and not re-scheduled,” Johnson said.  

Mulder echoed what Johnson said, acknowledging that this situation isn’t ideal.  

“This isn’t ideal, but given the fact that the prom must take place at an outdoor venue we more than likely would not be able to find a replacement venue quick enough nor would we have the funding to book a second venue,” Mulder said. 

“We have tried to brainstorm for a back-up plan, but nothing definitive was decided,” Mulder said.

For this year’s prom, students will have to reserve their tickets two weeks prior to the event.  

“Tickets for prom must be reserved prior to the event. Sign up for tickets will be held the last 2 weeks of April. No entry will be given to anyone without a previous reservation,” Johnson said.

Mulder added that, even though students are required to get tickets to the event ahead of time, the event is free.

Another change to prom this year is that only students that attend school 100 percent in-person will be allowed to attend. While this policy is upsetting to some students and  families, it is similar to the sports policy implemented earlier this year.  

“While some people still may not be comfortable attending an event like prom yet, we have also had to put in some stricter guidelines on who may attend. This year, South High juniors and seniors who have been taking part in in-person learning for 4th quarter are allowed to attend prom,” Mulder said.

The distract is allowing people to bring dates to prom as long as they are 100 percent in-person learning and are part of the ops distract.  

“These individuals may bring a date, but their date must also be an in-person OPS junior or senior. Just as at school, masks will be required for all students and staff in attendance,” Mulder said. 

For any more information email English teacher Courtney Mulder or assistant principal Julie Johnson.